ABOUT US Welcoming Families & First-Time Visitors to Asia A Happy Home Recipe 4 cups of Love
5 spoons of Hope
2 cups of Loyalty
2 spoons of Tenderness
3 cups of Forgiveness
4 quarts of Faith
1 cup of Friendship
1 barrel of Laughter
Take Love and Loyalty
Mix it thoroughly with Faith
Blend it with Tenderness
Kindness and Understanding
Add Friendship and Hope
Sprinkle abundantly with Laughter
Bake it with Sunshine
Serve daily with generous helpings. With compliments,
SMILE OF ASIA - Team ________________________________________________________________ SMILE of ASIA - founder DIRK VAN DER STOCKT ( in asia a.k.a. - ' John ' ) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Smile of Asia ( established Dec.1999 ) … is a truly independent travel organization, founded by Art Lover and Lifelong Orientalist Dirk Van Der Stockt, on the basis of his 25 years’ experience as a tour leader in North-, East-, South- and Central Asia. Our passionate approach to small group exploration ensures that travelers don’t just visit a country but really experience it – in style and with a fair amount of comfort. We utilize an extensive network of local contacts on the ground. This working partnership underpins our “ being in the right place at the right time “ - approach to travel – it is the experience of our Asian crew, local guides and drivers that defines Smile of Asia's experience. We warmly welcome Individuals, Couples, a Small Group of Friends,… Families & First-Time Visitors to Asia. We can readily assist you to discover the mysteries of the East, on journeys that take you to the Heart of the Orient. We will reveal you its true Soul and Spirit, print out an unforgettable image to be left forever into ones memories... You, our distinguished guest, comes from all over the world and makes use of modern technologies and the wonders of the world wide web to get in touch with us. We’ll enable you to experience serendipity and a rich cultural heritage anywhere in asia, with a special emphasis on southeast asian destinations. We maintain the core value of showing you what the asian continent has to offer on Culture, Nature, Adventure, Leasure & Pleasure. Our portfolio is comprised of 20 interesting travel destinations. Being part of asia’s leading tour organizers, “Smile of Asia” is proud to offer you a wide range of choices and theme travel experiences: from Mekong River countries and Southeast Asia extending to North East Asia, The Far East, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Himalayas, as well as the complete Asia- Pacific region. We are continuously exploring new adventures, looking up for roads less travelled, we consistently strive to be better, review and revisit our existing destinations with new itineraries and exciting new travel experiences. Small is beautiful – Core Values We care about the Quality, Style and Comfort you travel with. Quantity and numbers are far less important. We are not flying around in corporate jets or lunching with investment bankers. We are simply running a small boutique travel business, trying to enchant our customers. We define enchantment as the process of delighting people from all over the world, with our creative travel products, innovative travel concepts, exhilarating ideas and top-notch travel support services. Of course, these days even a small business has to try its best to make a living: for the sake of ourselves, for our family, for our close friends, for pure pleasure, for work… or for the simple joy in our life. Smile of Asia therefor maintains the following core values: 1. We have competent and passionate people on the front line. We prefer to collaborate with people who smile, who know what they’re talking about, and of course who also love to travel. We consider it important that families and first-time visitors to Asia leave their holiday destination with a very good first- and very good last impression, so they will come back to us, visit once again and hopefully see more of our second home Asia. 2. Confide in Smile of Asia - We will surely not disappoint you. If you trust us, we are going to be empowered to tailor-make you a well deserved holiday and eventually turn it into a success story. If you confide in Smile of Asia, we guarantee you not to be left disappointed ; we are going to do everything we can to build up a strong-, meaningful- relationship with you; one that can easily turn into a lifelong friendship. 3. We try our best to remove the barriers that give you easy access to ASIA. We will try to make it as easy as possible to organize your travel arrangements, do your pre-departure trip planning while considering a vacation stay in Asia. We believe to have created an on-line platform that enables people to prepare their travel plans optimally, digitally and virtually. 4. We promise you our undivided attention. Once you have decided to adopt our products and services, we strive to make it easy for you and you will get our undivided attention. Paying attention is super productive. It gets things done more quickly and avoids rework. It also makes for better communication. It builds better relationships. 5. We pride ourselves to be experts for niche marketing & tailor-made travel in ASIA. We do not offer ordinary trips, just for the sake of making a quick buck. We go out of our way to meet the needs and requirements of the most discerning traveler. Our tours are benchmarked, well-tested, defined and characterized by five major attributes & qualities: deep, intelligent, complete, empowering, and elegant. 6. We are flexible and encourage hands-on trial. Assuming that our customers are smart we let you decide for yourself instead of bludgeoning you into a sale. We give you the ability to study our tour programs carefully; to research our products and services beforehand; to outweigh the cost- and time-saving benefits when you travel with us. We provide on-line ( free of charge ) comprehensive e-travel guide books. We introduce demo versions, virtual- and digital tour program presentations on our website to help you with planning your trip. 7. We communicate with essential travel tips and salient points. Information overload on the World Wide Web hampers most of our efficient travel planning. This information overload creates lots of frustration and initiates a lack of confidence, in the way that you sometimes might believe you’re not getting a good deal. Marketplaces around the world have been flooded with promotions, deals, and now flash sale brands that tout discounts with no context of whether an individual would be really interested in that travel product. We, at Smile of Asia, promise to offer you only travel products and services that are actually relevant to you. 8. We deliver the bad news ( if any ) early. Shiitake happens: there’s always a chance certain tour programs could experience some logistic problems, flights or trains can be delayed, hotel rooms might not meet your expectations, natural disasters do happen, local guides can get sick… Many businesses try to minimize the effect of bad news, but when the inevitable issue arises, you can rest assured we will be proactive and tell you about the problem, before you discover the hiccup yourself. And to get on top of our game, we will let you know upfront how we deal with- and solve the problem at the same time that we are letting you know it exists. 9. ONE-STOP SERVICE CENTER in Chiang Mai, Thailand : full-featured travel coordination center that fully understand your needs, comes with support, makes you feel better, and is easy to use. As we create your customized holiday, we will continuously question ourselves and follow the guideline of our core values with respect to all human beings. 10. We are ready to service you: From Mondays to Saturdays / 12 Hours a day / 6 Days a week / 351 Days a Year ( kindly accept our sincere apologies for any delay in serving you, with X-Mas & New Year, when we close our office to look back, reflect, rejuvenate, recharge our batteries and to spend some quality time with our family and loved ones, during our annual two weeks’ holiday ). Credentials and Liability © Smile of Asia – 2018

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