Start your vacation in Chiang Mai

" A Home away from Home - the perfect place to discover more of Asia".


Someone recently asked us “What is your favorite city in the world?”


Paris used to be our answer. But as we've explored more cities in recent years, our reply has changed. Today we always say, Chiang Mai. Over the years the city has become Asia's Best Travel Hub. It's alive with energy and excitement, it's filled with Lanna culture and mysterious beauty, and it has one of the most friendly welcoming people. If you are going to Asia, you should start off your vacation in Chiang Mai.


Modern amenities, Safety, Comfort and Western style Infra-structure.


Most people working in the tourist- and service industry speak English, so it's easy to navigate around Chiang Mai. The cost for spending a long-term holiday in Chiang Mai is relatively low and thus more affordable compared to what you would spend in other major cities in Asia. Its modern amenities, comfort, safety and western style infra-structure appeal especially to families with young children. For first timers to Asia, it's the obvious choice for an interesting stopover. For regular travelers to Asia, Chiang Mai is one of the best cities to fly through when exploring southeast Asia. Chiang Mai is a popular hub and home base to explore neighboring Mekong countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam with relative ease.



It feels good to have a city as Chiang Mai act as a home base.


We have done our fair share of extended travel through Asia. We like being able to fly through a hub where we can spend a day or two relaxing between countries where we feel comfortable. When you are traveling for a long period of time, it's nice to have a city act as a home base as you fly back and forth from other countries. Once you get to know a city well, it's like an instant sigh of relief when you land with that sensation of “I'm home.”



There are so many things to do outside Chiang Mai. We can easily keep you entertained for a whole week.


Even though Chiang Mai is one of Asia's most exciting urban centers, day trips out of the city are a true must. We love taking people out of the city to show them unspoilt surrounding natural landscapes and a surprisingly beautiful countryside. An encounter with the most friendly people living on the outskirts of the city in colorful villages accounts always for serendipity and a most rewarding travel experience.


Recommended day excursions ( less than 150km driving ) are as follows:


  • North of Chiang Mai : Mae Rim & Mae Sa, Mae Ngat, Chiang Dao & Doi Luang National Park.
  • South of Chiang Mai : Saraphi, Mae Chaem Valley, Ob Luang National Park
  • West of Chiang Mai : Doi Inthanon National Park, Mae Wang National Park
  • East of Chiang Mai : Sankampaeng, Doi Saket, Mae Kampong


Multiple-day excursions requiring overnight in another city ( > 200km driving ) are as follows:


  • North of Chiang Mai : Doi Angkhang National Park & Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle area
  • South of Chiang Mai : Lampang, Tak, Sukhothai & Phitsanulok
  • West of Chiang Mai : Pai & Mae Hong Son & Mae Sariang & Umphang.
  • East of Chiang Mai : Phayao & Nan





Why Start Your Vacation in Chiang Mai?


Chiang Mai is an easy introduction to Asian culture. I remember the culture shock we felt during our first trip to Asia in 1986. We arrived in Bangkok and were overwhelmed with the sights, smells and sounds of the city. We eventually fell in love with Thailand, but it took us awhile to relax. While Chiang Mai is getting more and more busy, at the same time it remains relatively easy to acclimatize and accustom. It's a modern city where East meets West and you will easily find all the things you need at home; you will settle into vacation mode quickly. Even though it's exotic and different, you won't feel too overwhelmed if you are used to urban centers.


Chiang Mai's central location makes it the perfect base for a trip to Asia.


You can take so many flights or cross-border overland connections to any destination in southeast Asia you want.  As a matter a fact, Smile of Asia connects you " Smooth as Silk " to over 20 destinations and more than 99 cities in Asia. If you are traveling for a couple of weeks or several months, Chiang Mai is the perfect location to make a home base between travels. Check out all cross-border overland, and intra Asia flight routes from/to Chiang Mai here : ROUTE MAP.


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